Earth Blinds Water’N Holes


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Food, cover, WATER! You know your deer need it, but figuring out the easiest, cheapest, toughest, and most realistic permanent deer waterhole is a challenge. Do you need to draw deer to an area using water as a limited resource? Are you missing something that will stop bucks in your shooting lane? Look no further than the Earth Blind Waterhole!
First, the risk of EHD in your deer herd is a very real concern. The Earth Blind Waterhole reduces the breeding ground for the insects that carry the EHD virus. These deer waterholes have molded fiberglass shells and real topsoil permanently bonded to the surface. The curved top ledge allows the waterhole to sit just above ground level preventing a slimy mud bank insect breeding ground thereby reducing the risk of EHD in your deer herd. As another option, you can place this watering hole above ground installing it in as little as 30 seconds, or dig it in with hand tools in 30 minutes!
So why not line a low spot with clay or a rubber liner? For starters, waterholes are for critters, and critters have hooves or claws. Clay or artificial liners can be punctured, and you still have to dig the banks! Why not a stock tank typically used for cattle? Stock tanks are tough, but are totally unnatural in shape and materials. The steep vertical sides force deer to make themselves vulnerable to predators if they want a drink when the water level is low. They quit using it!
What about maintenance? Any tank with vertical sides needs a stick or other way for rodents to get out so they don’t drown and contaminate your waterhole. Bears and raccoons often mess up your rodent stick! The Earth Blind Waterhole has sloped sides with dirt spray coating that allows any animal–claws or hooves–to step in and out with ease. 
Truly, these deer waterholes are by far the easiest, cheapest, toughest, and most natural choice for your recreational property. Contact Jake at Habitat Pro to find out how to get yours today!

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Let’s get your dream growing! Contact me today 218-849-7398, or

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