Habitat Consulting Services


Attract, Hold, and Harvest Mature Bucks on Any Property

I answered the call to study and improve habitat around the age of 12, my first deer hunt in the big woods of northern Minnesota. I followed a set of deer tracks from a clearcut to a ridgetop bedding area, noting all the twists, turns, and pauses along the way only to discover that bedded deer had looped around my detective work and was watching me from brush less than 50 yards away. That experience began a lifelong commitment to enhance the land to help the hunter as much as the quarry. What started with a single food plot has grown into a passion for designing trophy-proven habitat on large and small hunting properties throughout the region.

My services don’t end when I walk off your property.

Habitat Pro LLC offers habitat consulting and design, property management and mapping, food plot installation, buck travel corridor and bedding area construction, timber harvest consulting, invasive species control, trail camera surveillance, and more.

  • On-Site Consulting – A single-day scouting of your property from which I’ll make recommendations for habitat development.
  • On-Site Consulting + Mobile Mapping – A two-day scouting of your property. Includes Google Earth mapping, marked with recommendations for food plots and optimal deer-stand placement.
  • On-Site Consulting + Mobile Mapping + Wall Mapping – A two-day scouting of your property. Includes Google Earth mapping, marked with recommendations for food plots and optimal deer-stand placement, PLUS a huge, framed wall map.

Bedding Area Construction

A full scouting of your property from which I will determine the best location for, and then construct, deer sanctuaries/shelters. If deer have a place to bed down, they’ll stay on your property rather than seek shelter in a neighboring parcel.

Food Plot

I will plan a strategically-placed garden on your property, designed to attract deer and supply them with the proper nutrition, which keeps them on your land throughout the fall season. The goal is to keep them from leaving the area to find a food source and to ensure that the food source on your property is one that produces a healthy herd.

Travel Corridor Maintenance

I offer advice on the construction and maintenance of trails for deer to easily travel from one area of your property to another, using the ‘path of least resistance’ theory of navigation. When you can accurately predict travel paths, optimal deer-stand placement becomes obvious. I can also construct these trails myself.

EXCLUSIVE Timber Stand Improvement Consulting

You won’t find this service anywhere else! I will take a look at your forester’s harvest plan and offer advice on how maximize the timber value while maintaining optimal deer habitat. This is a win-win for you—you’ll profit from both the timber sales and the improved wildlife habitat.

Commercial Weed Control

Area townships and counties have weed-control ordinances. It can be tough to find the time to manage the invasive species on your property, not to mention the cost of renting or buying the equipment to do it. I am a state-licensed commercial weed control applicator and offer this service for use on:

  • Gravel roads, driveways, parking lots, etc.
  • Pasture spraying for thistles
  • Invasive species, including Buckthorn

Let’s get your dream growing! Contact me today 218-849-7398, or habitatprollc@gmail.com.

Dreams and reality are often miles apart. You're not alone if you've ever wondered why your mature bucks have disappeared, don't seem to live on your property, or won't give you anything but trail camera pictures long after hunting light has passed. At Habitat Pro, I am committed to helping you develop a habitat and hunting plan that work together to give you opportunities to fulfill your dreams. I tailor my consulting and mapping services to fit your unique needs; together we'll work to make your hunting property work with you and for you.