Timber Stand Improvement

Plan Your Timber Harvest To Enhance Hunting

I always recommend a professional forester’s assessment of the timber on any property. Once that is current, however, it is important to realize that forestry professionals do not have the optimal habitat and hunting plan in mind when planning or managing a timber sale. Often, what is good for the forest does not necessarily improve the ability of a hunter to get close. An area marked by a forester for harvest that has mature timber and a closed canopy, for example, might best be left alone to discourage deer use so the hunter can pass undetected. I combine a rare and unique knowledge of deer habitat design and manipulation techniques with several experiences managing timber harvests and the ensuing habitat recovery to give you and your property the very best it deserves.

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Dreams and reality are often miles apart. You're not alone if you've ever wondered why your mature bucks have disappeared, don't seem to live on your property, or won't give you anything but trail camera pictures long after hunting light has passed. At Habitat Pro, I am committed to helping you develop a habitat and hunting plan that work together to give you opportunities to fulfill your dreams. I tailor my consulting and mapping services to fit your unique needs; together we'll work to make your hunting property work with you and for you.